Finally Christmas had passed, I really do think we had a pretty good Christmas this year.. nice, simple and peaceful indeed since our past couple years we had some hectic ones like.. got big snow storm one year and power went out for few days plus Ryan got so sick..throwing up and stuff (-__-)..

Then the other year Ryans grandma passed away 3 am on Christmas day (T_T) It was a very sad and busy holidays without a doubt Soooo.. I believe we all deserved a good Christmas this year huh~ (^_^)

Xmas this year~

Like I said, Ryan and I didnt do any gift exchange among ourselves coz we didnt really need anything but instead we bought gifts for others this year. We got dad a T-Shirt and a brand new gas grill.. MY GOD he was tickled with it.. eiei~ Thanks to Ryan.. he remembered which one that dad looked at long time ago and mentioned that he liked it eiei~

(Dad and Ryan of course did the man job putting every pieces of that gas grill together in the basement on Christmas night.. hehe.. Yeah!! Gas Grill in the Winter what a great combination huh~ hehe.. :P:P but those two men said it was better to know everything was good now, not 3 months later when you are going to use it, right? eiei~)

Dad's brand new gas grill (^-^)

We got mom some cloths, a Shetland Sheepdog calendar and a new set of cordless phone.. hahaha.. coz mom complains about the old cordless phone all the time when it dies on her for some weird reason.. so Here you go Mom!! New one for you. hehe.. :P:P

Talking about that Shetland Sheepdog calendar, MY GOD!! The doggy on the cover page looks just like our Misha, when I first saw it, I couldnt believe it but right away I gotta get it for mom.. ya know.. then when she opened the gift, saw it.. she was like in total shock too hehe.. Good surprise though eiei.. She loved it.. Im so glad~

Look at Misha... our Calendar Girl (^0^)

Our two puppy girls got some goodies too (^0^) They got one blue ball (which they ditched that already), 2 toys (playing with them sometime), two boxes of treats (loving it) and a Huge box of milky bones (sooo loving it too.. hahaha~)

Goodies for the girls!!

Ryan and I got lots of Christmas gifts from the parents as well.. Although we went shopping with them less this year just to save money, they still could manage to get some stuffs for us everything was impressive as always (^__^) Thank you kaa~

Happy Holidays~




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